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How do we become accredited to provide AAFM ® Globally Recognized Certification and Approved GAFM Professional Development ?

Becoming licensed to offer qualified AAFM ® approved GAFM certification training programs is similar to any business; it requires substantial due diligence, quality standards, and commitment to make it success.

GAFM has had fantastic success forming alliances with training programs who desire to offer our our trademarked Certification programs. As a matter of fact, we already recognize the top 800 accredited programs around the world, and we are seeking executive training and conferencing providers to promote and integrate our certification programs into their offerings. With over 10 years of research and statistics, when a company integrates AAFM ® certification into their courses, the recruiting and success of each course potentially increases by over 30% on a global level. If you already are running executive training programs but want to optimize and maximize success, then NOW is the time to become "Certification Accredited".

What other qualities or traits make a good accredited training provider for GAFM ?

  1. A desire to maximize your success, knowledge transfer, and revenues by offering certification with your existing programs.
  2. Already offering and promoting executive training and seminars.
  3. Ability to fill seats for training using data base and localized marketing.
  4. Government Recognition, Training License, Ability to recruit from governments, non-profits, and corporates.
  5. Accreditation or Recognition as an Approved Provider of Training.

Investing in an GAFM Training Business

There are various options available to you, depending on what type of license you wish to realize. Typically we have three modes of cooperation:

  1. Professional Development Provider - A simple marketing partnership where you are licensed to provide continuing education short-courses to GAFM members and market GAFM tailored training (in-house) programs to corporate clients. You receive a commission for every successful sale or contract of tailored training solutions. Under this license you cannot market designation programs.
    A good option for smaller training companies who run existing short course programs.
  2. Licensee - In this mode you gain status as a licensed provider of GAFM public programs for your area, renewable annually. The license is non-exclusive, and it is assumed you will make use of either your own training programs nad facilities or publicly available facilities like a 5-star hotel/conference centre for integrating and conducting GAFM programs. You are responsible for all marketing, billing, and local coordination of events. We jointly market your programs with our network for mutual success. Further, corporate sales can be referred to AAFM/GAFM under this model, and you receive an agency commission for successful sales. A good option for low risk and high return.
  3. Exclusive Licensee - A territory exclusive 5-year license is offered to partners who set up a dedicated GAFM training calendar each year. Under this option you are afforded an exclusive license for your territory, with full powers to nominate and process new certifications, charters, designations and maintain enforcement. You are responsible for all marketing, billing, and local coordination of events.
    An option for an investor looking for maximum return. Annual accreditation applies with flat rates and support from our global recognition and media.

In new markets, we typically start working with providers by trialing various public programs that have a demonstrated success in multiple, disparate marketplaces. We may mix your own instructors with our own if language/translation is an issue. However, for certified training, the speakers must be accredited GAFM trainers. This means that any speakers or experts you recommend need to attend train-the-trainer (ZX-55) programs, or GAFM needs to source suitable trainers for you. We provide you with marketing and branding support from program materials, to brochure designs which you can print locally, etc.

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