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For over 16 years, the AAFM ® governance structure has been devoted to our charter, our constitution, and high standards in concert with our bylaws and ethics rules. The AAFM ® Board is an independent professional Board of Standards governed by an advisory council and membership code of ethics and standards of practice while compliant under the corporate laws of the United States of America. The Board awards certification to those who meet our requirements, but the Board does not provide training but rather approves and accredits providers. The AAFM® exclusively awards certifications and regulates standards while appointing an offshore enforcement and consulting company to manage and regulated accredited offshore education. The AAFM ® has approved The GAFM ™ Consulting to operate as accreditation council with enforcement offices where the local or regional chapters make up the enforcement troops to continue to maintain unmatched standards. At all times the GAFM ™ and its members are accountable to the community, sovereign laws, and to the Parent Company/Board of Standards.

The Academy leadership has three governance components:

  1. The Global Advisory Board, which controls and governs the standards and criteria for issuing of professional designations and the curriculum requirements,
  2. A Board of International Management which manages the commercial training operations of the GAFM ™ network and revenue generating activities, and
  3. A Board of Regional Presidents for Governing Ethics & Standards - who acts as a non-executive super-board and oversee academic and policy decisions in relation to the membership

All members and executives are subject to a Code of Ethics which governs the proper operation of the association, and is designed to contribute positively to the global finance sector and the operation of publicly listed and private corporations.

The US Chapter of the International Academy retains its original name as the American Academy of Financial Management, and operates a separate local chapter board of standards separate to the International structure. This entity is differentiated from the global association as it operates as a for-profit structure, and is restricted to the USA territories.

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