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Warning to Members about a Former Staffer for AAFM who has been caught selling counterfeit certificates from China.

August 15, 2011

It is unfortunate that, once again, we need to bring to the attention of our members that a former trainer & staffer of the AAFM® is claiming that it is in some way associated with the AAFM® or the GAFM.  This is not the case.  Professional Designations are only issued from a the Board of Standards' Certification body; however, our approved training programs or trainers are NEVER allowed to award any certification, charter or award. Much like CFP, CFA, PMI and others, the Academy awards certification and training companies DO NOT.

The AAFM USA observes the highest business accreditation standards in the world, and we repudiate any offshore fraud, piracy or counterfeiting.  The AAFM® has sanctioned over 800 government recognized and accredited business schools in the world since its inception.

In contrast,  The phony offshore scam company is a privately owned "for profit" China shell company owned by a former servant of AAFM and former IIR trainer by the name of Geoffrey Baring who we do NOT recognize.  Baring is reputed as an international scam job expert who counterfeits what he calls "certificates" and diplomas to any victim that is prepared to pay.  Baring and his accomplices have zero credibility as former disgruntled employees and their sole intention is sell fake certificates and to cheat innocent victims to pay for certificates in this diploma fraud scheme. For the legal record, Mr. Baring's company was caught by Hong Kong Academic Authorities selling phony US certificates for cash and Baring and company did not even return the money to the poor chinese students after being caught selling stolen goods. We can provide the evidence to anyone who needs to see it. The fake certificates are usually signed by: Brett Andrew King, Geoff Baring and sometimes contain fake signatures by People with the name of Gaeta or Wylie.

It has been drawn to our attention that Baring (who may also go by the alias Brett King or sometimes Muhammad) has been asking our USA members to send or wire their cash for certificate renewals to China for phony diplomas..  Baring is not, and has not at any time been, involved with the US company or US AAFM® Leadership. Any statements by Baring are fraudulent and, as governed by US law, represent wire fraud which falls under the jurisdiction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).   Mr. Barings actions have resulted in a long series of complaints being made to the criminal authorities and the FBI.

If you have unintentionally made a payment to the to a fake china company going by the name of iafm or iabfm or directly to Geoff Baring for a fake certificate then call the police and demand a refund. If you do receive satisfaction then please contact us and we will pursue it further with the Chinese Government, Singapore Police, and the US FBI.

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