Continued Education & Development

AAFM ® Board's Continuing Education requirements

Annually, each GAFM charter holder and board certification holder should complete 15 hours or more of Continuing Education & Development or CED credits. Contained below is a list of education that counts toward CED credits with the International Academy.

15 hours would be equivalent to a 2 day seminar or conference event. Members receive 1 point or credit for 1 equivalent hour of recognized training.

Members may complete one of the below or a combination to fulfill their annual requirements.

  1. An AAFM ® Approved GAFM Annual Congress counts for full CE Credit. This is a Full 2 day event that counts for 15 hours.
  2. Attendance of 15 or more hours of approved education for lawyers or CPAs. (2 days of training)
  3. Completion of one Law School Online Course
  4. 15 Hours of executive education from an ACBSP, ABA, or AACSB accredited approved program (i.e. or one full graduate course would count)
  5. Attendance at a AAFM ® GAFM recognized conference
  6. Attendance at an event conducted by an AAFM ® GAFM licensed provider, or
  7. Attendance at an in-house program conducted by AAFM ® GAFM Institute.

Log-in and post a record of your attendance to the CED section of the Members website.

First year Exemption

Fellows in their first year of membership are exempt from the CE/PDU requirements. CE/PDU must be done from the second year of fellowship only.

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