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A Message from the Founder of AAFM ® and The IBS International Board of Standards


Professional credentialing and development is undergoing a revolution  globally. We’re learning through new methods of standards,  accreditation,  & pedagogy and development styles, that we can promote  greater learning principles and new strategic thinking to professionals much more efficiently than traditional  methods.. While some in the business simply offer narrow choices of learning and certification,  the AAFM was established largely by graduate professionals and experts from the ‘real world’ by integrating top tier  accreditation, professional development criteria, graduate and certification standards.

Rather than create a broad, all encompassing financial designation such as those for ‘financial analysis’ or ‘financial planning’, the AAFM  ® has taken a research based approach to our charter and certification  structures and created specialist designations for a wide range of careers in the banking, management, risk, and finance sector.  Each designation is targeted at a specific skill-set required to perform a role in the finance domain with world-class expertise.  As such, AAFM approved certification degree paths, executive programs and enrolment requirements ensures that each AAFM professional maintains the highest standard of demonstrated capability in their area of proficiency.   Key advancements for AAFM have been made in the last 10 years. We have expanded our operations globally with new offices in the EU, Middle-East, China, Latin America,  India, West Indies, Africa and throughout Asia. Our Founding Parent Entity, The AAFM ® Board of Standards USA  was originally chartered and is based in the Americas,  and AAFM is still growing rapidly with increased disclosures,  listings or recognition with top educational & certification authorities such as: the US Department of Education, US Dept. of Labor,  Capital Markets Authorities, Ministries of Finance , United Nations Civil Society,  and other international governmental and NGO agencies

Graduate applications for our  MFP ® core qualification are possible through more than 500 of the world’s leading government recognized business schools as a result of our mutual articulation agreements with AACSB International and ACBSP Accreditation Agencies.  Member  growth is accelerating with AAFM Members & Fellows  in over 150  countries as of the time of printing.  Our fastest growing regions are Latin America, China, the Middle-East, South Asia, Africa, and India at this time, with several hundred members joining each month through our providers in California, New York, Cairo, Beijing, Singapore, India,  Hong Kong, UK, Africa, India, Mexico,  and elsewhere.  Corporate players like Reuters, UBS,  HSBC, Kaplan,  BISYS,  The TJSL Law School, Half of the top 10 banks in the world,  ACBSP, AACSB, Chinese Government, , and others have been of great assistance in establishing a strong reputation as a key player in the International sector.  The 2003 opening of our Offices in Singapore was  one of the steps we’ve taken to support this exciting demand in the EU, India, Asia, The Middle East region and beyond.

With the establishment of our offshore consulting divisions in 1999, forming alliances with IIR/INFORMA in 2002, and our expansions throughout Asia, Arabia, Africa and India, the AAFM's approved consulting and training companies have been extremely successfully in educating governmental employees, departments, staffs, corporates and NGOs around the world. With our recent consultative work with the United Nations and US Government, our scholarship, research, and charitable outreach continues to grow.

I welcome you to learn about our unmatched standards and accredited programs recognized by the AAFM® Certifying Board..  With each year, the value of certification and masters designations grows. However, the best way for our network to expand  is through word of mouth. Make sure you use your designation and the AAFM mark at every opportunity. Be proud of your certification from the AAFM  Board and Council, it makes you one of the next-generation of global leaders.   Together we are truly   “Building the world’s future Leaders in Management

Sincerely and Kindest Regards
Prof. Dr. George Mentz JD, MBA, CWM ®, CPM, CAM, CMA, MFP
AAFM ® International Board of Standards– Chair, General Counsel & CEO
Doctor of Jurisprudence - International Law - Attorney & Notary Public



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