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The AAFM ® CWM ® Chartered Wealth Manager Certification. Over a Decade of Standards in Wealth Management - Trademark Registered on Wall Street, USA, New York, California, Asia, Singapore, China and more.

AAFM ® CWM ® Chartered Wealth Manager
AAFM Certified ® -- The Original CWM ® Certification since 1996

Offered from the USA - Europe - Asia - Africa and India

CWM Chartered Wealth Manager ®

CWM ® Chartered Wealth Manager ®

An AAFM ® Owned and Issued Certification chartered in the United States of America

The CWM ® Chartered Wealth Manager professional certification from the AAFM ® American Academy of Financial Management ® is the first graduate wealth management Charter & Board certification in the world as featured in the Investopedia, Forbes, China Daily, Financial Times, Black Enterprise, Wall Street Journal, and Money Manager[1][2] that was created and founded by the AAFM American Academy of Financial Management [3][4]. The US government trademarked CWM ® Chartered Wealth Manager AAFM ® Certification [5] and Certified credential is only available for wealth managers with an accredited masters degree, law degree, CPA, PhD or specialized executive training from an ABA accredited law school [6] or other approved program in Asia, Europe, India, Latin America or Africa.

The CWM Certified ( Chartered Wealth Manager ) [7] designation and post-graduate qualification is exclusively issued and conferred by the USA Board of Standards American Academy of Financial Management ® (AAFM) [8][9] The CWM wealth management certification & designation is similar to financial planning certification but is as a graduate certification and curriculm in high net worth consulting and has always required a government recognized education and degree.[10] The CWM ® Law School Curriculum has been approved for use with ABA Accredited Law School Programs.[11] Wealth Management is a profession and career that many bankers and investment professionals are entering.[12] Like any accredited law school graduate courses, the AAFM CWM certification courses[13] will count toward a post graduate degree such as a LLM or JSM, will count for continuing education for CPA and Law Licensing, and may count towards the CPA exam eligibility.

The CWM Chartered Wealth Manager Board Certification [14] from AAFM USA requires knowledge in 12 key areas:[15] and is referenced in the Global Designation Directory and on the FINRA US Government Regulatory Website [16][17]

1. Estate Planning and Trusts 2. Asset Management 3. Portfolio Management 4. International Taxation 5. Retirement Law 6. Economics 7. Investments 8. Money and Banking 9. High Net Worth Consulting 10. Relationship Management, Compliance, and Ethics 11. Business Entities & Organizations 12. Risk Management and Insurance

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Qualifying Graduate Education

  • Masters in Finance, Wealth Management, Tax or Economics from an ACBSP Accredited Double Business School.

  • Masters in Finance, Wealth Management, Tax or Economics from an AACSB Accredited Double Business School.

  • Masters with focus on Finance, Wealth Management, Tax or Economics from an ABA Accredited Law School.

  • Masters in Finance, Wealth Management, Tax or Economics from an EFMD EQUIS Accredited Double Business School.

  • Masters Degree in Finance from CUFE Beijing Business School

  • MBA or MSC from Shanghai Gradaute Program in Finance

  • Masters in Wealth Management from the Swiss Banking School

  • JSM or LLM from the Diamond Law School Wealth Management Program

  • MSC Finance University of Stirling

  • MSC International Accounting & Finance University of Stirling

  • MSC Investment Analysis University of Stirling

  • MA Financial Services Sheffield Hallam (1995-2001)

  • Postgraduate in Financial Services Sheffield Hallam (1995-2001)

  • MA Financial Services University of the West of England (1995-2001)

  • Postgraduate in Financial Services University of the West of England (1995-2001)

  • MA in Financial Services University of Bournemouth (1995-2001)

  • Postgraduate in Financial Services University of Bournemouth (1995-2001)


Wealth Managers Skills Requirements - Global Wealth Management Certification.

There is a correlation amongst a firm’s and professional’s economic success, the firm’s regulatory survival, a holistic education with international exposure, and collaborative service models. Servicing modern HNWIs who now demand international elements and risk management for their families and their business interests requires a dynamic ability to obtain economic and regulatory information, understand the clients’ and the markets’ issues and inefficiencies, and create solutions.

As HNWI High Net Worth Investor growth continues within the OECD members, but rapid growth in HNWI numbers will continue in the BIC countries of Brazil, India and China, and probably again after the valuation adjustment in Russia/Eastern Europe. The BIC countries, in particular Brazil because of its vast natural commodities base and recent discovery of what is probably the world’s largest offshore oil field, will continue to lead the world in both economic and HNWI growth. Cap Gemini estimates that by 2011 Asia Pacific will overtake North America in HNWI growth, just as China overtook the UK last year in total number of HNWIs. Thus, wealth managers seeking to attract these HNWIs, be in their home country, or in the USA, will evolve to provide services reflective of the needs of these BIC clients, as well as speak their local languages.

The HNWI is seeking the one-stop shop model.[1] The relationship manager must be able to source information and services leveraging a team approach, assimilate the pieces, and communicate it in a collaborative, transparent manner with the HNWI .[2] Wealth mangerss must be able to employ a holistic and collaborative team approach for a HNWI including (1) business, (2) tax, (3) estate, (4) legal, (5) accounting, (6) intra-family governance, (7) philanthropy (8) compliance and (9) lifestyle issues, and communicate operations and solutions to the HNWI and family members.[3] New breed HNWIs want communication by email weekly from their wealth manager. Sophisticated advisors will leverage secure, though inexpensive, video conferences to establish more efficient and effective face time.

By example of collaboration and communication skills, the trusted advisor may need to source compliance and due diligence skill sets from risk management, compliance, legal, and audit team members in order to analyze a multinational business that a HNWI is targeting, synthesize the different jurisdictional regulatory requirements, and communicate effectively the team’s findings to the client via a video conference.

Thus, education in these aforementioned skill sets, leading to a potential employee’s retooling, is a key to competing in today’s wealth management industry and job market. Moreover, ‘soft skills’ such as client communication, and even more relevant in this economic downturn, the ability to counsel through economic and personal stress, will decide for HNWIs who is to become trusted advisors, and who are simply hawking services.[4]

A polling by AAFM ® American Academy of Financial Management ® of its membership found that while communication soft-skills are recognized by wealth managers and by private clients themselves as critical to attracting HNWIs and in choosing their trusted advisors, less than 20% of wealth managers receive any formal soft skill communication education during their graduate education, which mainly focused business or finance (lawyers primarily responded that communication skills training had formed a part of their formal education). The Diamond Graduate School of International Law and Finance is an example of practical international law education and advanced soft skill communication training to establish attraction and connection between trusted advisor and their prospective HNWIs. See:

The First Global Wealth Credential is from the AAFM® American Academy of Financial Mangement which is the first independent Wealth Management Standards Board in the world. For over a decade, the AAFM ® has required formal accredited education as a path to Wealth Management Certification. The AAFM® Flagship certification is the CWM ® Chartered Wealth Manager. The CWM Chartered Wealth Manager Board Certification [14] from AAFM ® USA requires knowledge in 12 key areas:[15] and is referenced in the Global Designation Directory, Investopedia Guide, Forbes Credential Guide, The NASD US Regulatory Reference Website [16][17] and the AAFM® Accredited Exam and Degree requirements are itemized on the Wall Street Journal guide to FINRA Monitored designations.

Here are the cutting edge areas of focus for CWM® Certified Wealth Manager Program. 1. Estate Planning and Trusts 2. Asset Management 3. Portfolio Management 4. International Taxation 5. Retirement Law 6. Economics 7. Investments 8. Money and Banking 9. High Net Worth Consulting 10. Relationship Management, Compliance, and Ethics 11. Business Entities & Organizations 12. Risk Management and Insurance.

At this time, there are over 10,000 CWM® holders in the EU, Asia, Africa, India and China. The AAFM certifying body offers other certifications in conjunction with its educational alliances with accredited exam and degree providers of over 800 government recognized programs internationally.

The AAFM® is globally recognized by the: IIFM India Institute of Finance, The Arab Academy - owned by the League of Arab States, The African Association of Economists, and the Asia Certification Standards Board. As written by Jason Zweig and Mary Pilon where they quote Prof. George Mentz in the Wall Street Journal, "The double accreditation would signal that you've completed a double accredited degree from one of the top schools in the world. It helps show that an individual is engaged in a higher code of conduct." The AAFM has documented is recognition of government recognized and accredited exams and programs: directly with the top 2 acceditation agencies. ACBSP and AACSB International. See: ACBSP and AACSB Recognition By AAFM Certification Accreditation of ACBSP Double Accredited Programs and Exams - Read Press and Benefits of ACBSP Membership. AACSB International Member - AAFM Recognized the AACSB in 2003

[1] The Wealth Management Report 2009 Meeting the Expectation of UK High Net Worth Clients JP Morgan at 5.

[2] The Future of Private Banking: A Wealth of Opportunity?, Oliver Wyman (2008) at 43.

[3] In an interview with Dr. George Mentz, Chairman of the American Academy of Financial Management ®, who is consulted by the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Statistics for Financial Services employment information (, he stated that the US wealth management market has seen a commoditization of financial product offering to private clients, thus requiring advisors to distinguish themselves upon other services. Asset protection, estate planning, business issues, Dr. Mentz said, are areas that advisors are now focusing on to attract clients. The Chronicle of Philanthropy reported that 2008 charitable giving did not substantially suffer, and in some cases increased amongst certain groups (112% amongst the 50 most generous US philanthropists).

[4] See The Wealth Management Report 2009 Meeting the Expectation of UK High Net Worth Clients, JP Morgan at 11 and the section “Perspective” page 25.

[5] AAFM ® owns the copyrights and trademarks for the CWM ® Chartered Wealth Manager Board Certification.

[6] Zweig Pilon - Recognition of AAFM

[7] AAFM Designations and requirements of accredited exams and degrees on the WSJ Wall Street Journal

[8] ACBSP and AACSB Recognition By AAFM Certification Accreditation of ACBSP Double Accredited Programs and Exams - Read Press and Benefits of ACBSP Membership. AACSB International Member - AAFM Recognized the AACSB in 2003


Other Certifications Below


MFP Master Financial Planner ® Certified in Corporate Finance

The MFP ® designation is designed for Banking and Finance Executives wishing to consolidate their skills in strategic and executive financial planning techniques. It requires 3 years minimum commercial working experience.

Category : Financial Management, General

CCC - Chartered Cost Controller

For specialist financial controllers or management accountants responsible for optimizing internal performance on a cost basis, and implementing operational strategies at a cost centre level.

Category : Corporate Finance, Cost Control

CPM - Chartered Portfolio Manager

Category : General, General

CWM - Chartered Wealth Manager ®

Wealth Management is one of the fastest growing disciplines of the banking sector. The CWM ® focuses on developing relationship management, sales, communication and core financial planning skills to equip Wealth Management Professionals with graduate education.

Category : Wealth Management, General

RFS - Registered Financial Specialist

Category : Financial Management, General

CGA - Corporate Governance Auditor

This program and certification looks at Corporate Governance and the strong need for Ethics and Social Responsibility in the corporation, especially post Enron. The goal of this program is to provide Managers with skills that can be immediately used upon return to the organization. Managers will learn to appreciate the extent to which organizations and their public officers are exposed to ever-increasing scrutiny, the regulatory environment, how to identify the governance issues that have the most significance.

Category : Financial Management, General

CPES - Certified Private Equity Specialist

Category : Private Equity, Banking

IDC International Diploma Certification in Financial Services from the Royal Society, Asia Academy, ACCE Africa, or Arab Academy (offshore programs)

Category : Financial Services Sector, Financial Management

CCA/CCO - Certified Compliance Analyst (For Officers)

The Certified Compliance Officers Program is a program designed for Corporate Officers who are responsible for implementation of compliance programs internally within their corporation. It has two program formats, one for listed companies, and the other for banks and financial institutions who require Basel II and Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance

Category : Risk Management, Banking

CAMA/CAMO - Chartered Anti-Money Laundering Analyst

The Chartered Anti-Money Laundering Officer designation is designed for professionals involved in the policing, review and reporting of transactional elements of financial institutions and corporations.

Category : Banking, Risk Management

MIFP - Master Certified Islamic Financial Professional

The preeminent Islamic Finance qualification. Issued in association with the Islamic Institute of Financial Management for practicing specialists in Islamic Finance.

Category : Banking, Islamic Finance

CAM - Chartered Asset Manager

This course will make you able to understand fund management concepts, underlying frameworks, asset allocation concepts and models, and various investment and fund models

Category : Asset Management, Financial Management

CM&A - Certified M&A Specialist - Not offered by AAFM but you must go to

This program seeks to develop an in-depth knowledge of the key components involved in M&As, discover new and enhanced techniques in valuing firms, Increase the effectiveness of the different types of M&A processes, including defending hostile takeover bids. Those attending the program will also enhance their understanding of options available for financing M&As, and develop practical knowledge of the rules and regulations involving M&As applicable in their region. Case study review will look at M&As in the major global markets

Category : Corporate Finance, Markets

IFRS - Essential Finance And Accounting Skills

Registered Financial Executive

Category : Financial Management, Financial Management

AFA ® - IPO Specialist

Category : Corporate Finance, Financial Services Sector

AFA ® - Emerging Markets Specialist

This course Determine the essential macro-economic conditions that emerging markets need to fulfill to be considered attractive investment destinations.

Category : Markets, Economics

CCA - Chartered Compliance Analyst

Chartered Compliance and Fraud Officer is a management programme designed to teach a practical understanding of regulatory compliance needs. The programme covers eight major subject areas and utilises a variety of training techniques. The key areas of the curriculum include understanding the regulatory environment, who is responsible for compliance, the role of corporate governance and ethics in compliance programmes, and the implementation of compliance programmes. The emphasis will be on practical and pragmatic approaches, rather than theoretical.

Category : Compliance, Governance

AMA - Accredited Management Accountant

Category : Management Accounting, Banking

CRA - Chartered Risk Analyst

Senior Leadership Program and Designation for Risk Specialist with 10years+ experience

Category : Risk Management, Banking

Int Dip WM - International Diploma Certification in Wealth Management - With Royal Society, Asia Academy, Arab Academy, or ACCE Africa

Category : Wealth Management, Asset Management

ChE - Chartered Economist

The Premier Economics Certification in the world for Masters Degree or Higher.
Category : Economics Management, Financial Analyst

AMC - Accredited Management Consultant

The AMC is the pre-eminent management consulting qualification for specialists in the corporate arena. Specific focus is given to the regulatory environment, corporate governance, Leadership and compliance standards.

Category : Corporate Finance, Financial Management

RBA - Registered Business Analyst

Category : Islamic Finance, Financial Management

CGIA - Certified General Insurance Analyst

Category : Insurance, Financial Management

CRA - Operational Risk Professional

An exclusive operational risk qualification with a flavor either on op. risk in Banking (Basell II, etc) or op. risk for listed corporations and privately owned conglomerates.

Category : Risk Management, Basel II

CCA - Chartered Credit Analyst

A designation for specialist credit analysts and managers working in the field of loan approvals

Category : Risk Management, Financial Management

CITA - Certified International Tax Analyst

Covering global tax planning, asset management, investment advising, and insurance topics, the CITA is the global Tax qualification .

Category : Global Tax Management, Banking

ChPA - Chartered Portfolio Analyst

Focused on portfolio and fund management, research, portfolio technology, and investing, the ChPA program offers executives the tools to focus on specialist portfolio management techniques. It requires a minimum of 3 years experience, plus a career in Investment

Category : Wealth Management, Banking

CPB - Certified Private Banker

Category : Wealth Management, General

CTP - Chartered Transfer Pricing Specialist

Category : Risk Management, Banking

CMA - Chartered Market Analyst - Capital Markets - As Seen in the FINRA Educational Guide

The Capital Markets Analyst is the specialized research and market technician financial analyst credential that is offered by the IAFM.

Category : Markets, General

ChA - Chartered Auditor

Category : Risk Management, General

CGB - Certified Global Banker

Category : Corporate Finance, Risk Management

IDCRM - International Diploma Certification in Risk Management - with Arab Academy, Royal Society, or Asia Academy.

Category : Risk Management, General

CCE - Chartered Economic Policy Analyst

Chartered Corporate Economist offered by our Academic Board of Economic Policy and Monetary Analysis offers board recognition for contribution to corporate strategy and policy through Economic analysis. Requires 5 years experience, plus Economist education.

Category : Financial Management, Economics

CEC - Certified E-Commerce Consultant

Category : E-Business Finance, Wealth

MQM - Master Quality Manager

Category : Finance, Corporate Finance

CHRA - Certified Human Resources Analyst

Category : Human Resouces Management, HR Finance

CIPM ® - Certified International Project Manager ® - Finance Specialization
Category : Markets, Projects Finance

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